Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Livin' the Life: 6/25/2013

Summer has finally graced us with her presence.  And was she ever welcome.  Time to get out and enjoy the sights and events in the city while it's hot hot hot!

So...let's see what I've been up to...

I babysat my nephew a few weeks ago.  We went to playpark 
(aka the playground) and he picked some flowers for me (aka weeds).

A typical Thursday night involves beer and a computer.  Probably also TV.

Immediately after the weather turned warm, I was upgraded to a room at the Residence 
Inn which came with a working gas fireplace.  
I cranked the A/C up so that I could turn the fireplace on.  I'm hoping there are no environmentalists reading this right now.

Went to see Dickey Betts and the Great Southern

Awesome bassist.  Great voice.

Left the house looking like this one day.  It looks like a rainbow threw up on me.

Speaking of bright colors...a new blush!

I finally picked up a clock for my living room.  This one has a pendulum that swings!

A random mural I always drive by in Jersey City

 Hung out with a friend on the Highline in NYC this past weekend. It was sooo hot!
I'm only sort of complaining.

Loved the flowers. I was really into gardening when I was a kid.
Random factoid about me.

People on the Highline.
Don't let this picture fool you.  It was pretty crowded out there.

 Interesting shattered glass mural

Gorgeous NYC sunset on Monday night.  I love the city.

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