Thursday, February 20, 2014

Livin' The Life 2/20/2014

It's been way too long since I've shared "real life" photos on this blog.  I'm really trying to be better at this.  I swear I am.  So without further ya go!

I'm really having a moment with spiked coffees lately.  The severity of this winter probably 
has something to do with it.  See pic below...

 Seriously, Tuesday?  Why?!?!!?

One of my saving graces for this weather.

I've been working on mastering the art of grits.  I've also learned it's not really that hard.
Tip: always add butter and cheese.  Always.

You can see this in action in my next food post.  Get ready for it!

More snowstorm-age.  I love how the snow settles on the tree branches.

As a quick snack, I roasted some asparagus and topped with freshly grated parmesan.
It was so delicious I'm going to have to recreate this for the blog.

Eggs and feta cheese have been having their day in my apartment lately.

I am dying over these mini donuts.  I will be sharing as soon as I can.
I just have a bunch of things in the queue to post already.  So little time!

I took a trip to Philadelphia last week for a training course.
I had the best sunset view from my hotel room.

Let's please talk about this mirror that I want to steal from the hotel room.
That's probably frowned upon.

Coffee-infused beer.  That is all.

Two days later, my view looked like this.
Winter Storm Pax struck hard.

Dinner with the girls over the weekend at 5 Napkin Burger.
This roasted pineapple margarita was everything!

I threw together a bunch of ingredients in my kitchen to make some ghetto chilaquiles.
This. was. amazing!  I'm still debating whether or not to put it on the blog...

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