Sunday, March 30, 2014

Livin' The Life 3/30/2014

 NYC on a rare, non-snowy, non-rainy evening

Breakfast is coming at you soon!

City Hall in Philadelphia

After working in the Philly area for the past 5 years, I finally glimpsed the Liberty Bell.

I work out with these kids sometimes.


I didn't realize this situation was happening in my pantry.

I also didn't realize that spelling my name was so difficult.  
I would cut the barista some slack, but she serves me almost everyday 
and even after I tell her how to spell my name, she writes it incorrectly.

Tiramisu drink at Max Brenner

Love how they bring out the coffee at The Spotted Pig.
Of course I had a spot of Bailey's as well.

More snow last week. Whyyyyy?

Geometric shapes and shadows make me happy.

At Talde. Ordered the Lobster Tom Kha.  So delicious!

Dinner ended here...Cocoabar!

 I bow down to those Meyer Lemon chocolates.  They're both salty and sweet!

 I will leave you with this!
These are my friends.
(Well, we just met the lady who works at Cocoabar that night, but she seems pretty awesome.)

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