Monday, August 6, 2012

Livin' the Life 8/6/2012

This weekend, I took my very first jaunt to my roommate's hometown of Huntsville, Alabama! The real reason for the trip was to celebrate my roomate's new nephew who will be arriving later this year. A group of 4 of us flew down to the South and we had exciting times filled with family, friends, and NASA.

Can you see the body of the plane reflected in the engine? I'm really into reflections lately.

My roomie's mom made the best lasagne...

...and pineapple upside down cake.

At some point, there was cheese.

We hit up The Blue Plate Cafe for breakfast.  Ate cheese grits, biscuits, and lots of bacon.
There was a ton of other food in there too.  All homemade, fresh and tasty.

 The outside of the church where the baby shower was held.

Setting up for the shower!  My friend's husband got sucked in as well, but then he went off to 
eat ribs and drink scotch with the men.

 The ladies in front of Biggie 2.0.
Done with shower setup and ready for fun times!

The Space and Rocket Museum. So exciting!

 A blackhawk.  That's pretty much all I know, but it looks awesome!
 I love old bicycles.  There are never enough of them.
There is a super cool story behind this.  During WWII, when Germans scientists realized Germany would lose the war, they wanted to surrender to the US so their research could continue.  This bike was believed to be the one ridden by one of the scientists as he went to find the US troops to surrender.


 Part of a space shuttle that was burned upon re-entering the Earth's atmosphere.



More space shuttle action

A view from underneath

Blast off!

At Applebees, refueling for the baby shower.  
Also, my roommate worked at this restaurant while in high school and college, 
so we were really just exploring the sites of Huntsville.

Shower time!

The food was excellent.  I ate a lot of all of this.  No shame.

I want to make these petit fours.
Let's also discuss the cuteness of the baby animal placard holder.

We brought the balloons home.  Someone got stuck in the mini backseat of the truck with them.

Teriyaki steak for dinner.  And Malbec, obviously.

 And finally, fresh fruit, pancakes, and sausage for breakfast.

As I put this post together, I realize exactly how much we ate this weekend.  I'm going to the gym tomorrow.  No doubt.

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  1. I got hungry just looking at the pictures of the food - especially the lasagne! The NASA experience sounded soooo very interesting! Glad you had a great weekend.