Thursday, September 27, 2012

City Harvest's The Brooklyn Local: A Review

Freedom Tower from DUMBO

Last weekend my friend Katie and I visited yet another food festival in New York.  This time, we descended upon the lovely borough of Brooklyn for City Harvest's The Brooklyn Local.  The Brooklyn Local is an annual artisanal market which is very reminiscent of Smorgasburg.  Although we missed last year's inaugural event, this year's festival was graced with beautiful weather and oodles of quality vendors with tasty wares.

The Brooklyn Local event was held on Pier 1 in DUMBO (Brooklyn's Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass neighborhood).  Can you beat this view?

Right up under it.

OK, time to eat.  Follow the signs!  (Do you see my chucks in the reflection? Love these things.)

Spoonable's saucy caramels.  Caramel is awesome.  My favorite sauces were the butterscotch, spicy chili, and the salty caramel.  They also have a lavender caramel that was a little too flowery for me, but is definitely a unique combination.  Katie bought some of that to drizzle lightly over lamb chops.


Liddabit Sweets! My favorite Brooklyn candy makers!  They were representing again with their unique caramel offerings.  Of course, my standby favorites are the Beer & Pretzel caramels.  A new flavor I am going to try out is Apricot Chili caramels.  I bought some but have yet to try them due to the other goodies I snagged here.

Don't forget to get your bacon caramel popcorn fix too.

A quick stop at Pie Corps was required.


And One Girl Cookies. Yes, please!

We tried a sample of Grady's Cold Brew coffee.  It was smooth and lacking some of the acidity that usually accompanies a cup of coffee.  I would recommend it.

The By Brooklyn table.  I wanted to purchase everything here, but only ended up with two things!

Time for a brew from Brooklyn Brewery, of course.  That's how Katie and I roll.

Back to the treats...

Robicelli's cupcakes, brownies, and whoopie pies.

Tumbador Chocolates.  If I could hoard all of these chocolate covered pretzels myself, I would.  These are my new favorites because they're only lightly covered in chocolate, making this sweet light and crispy.  That means I can still feel good after eating the entire bag.

The whole spread of chocolates/bonbons/etc...

The City Harvest Market Table was offering a special on a reusable tote bag filled with goodies for $30.  I caved and totally got in that.  This money is going to charity, after all.  Everything in the picture below came in the bag except the tshirt and those clear mugs.  It was still an excellent deal since each of these treats would have cost me anywhere from $3 to $6 dollars each.  Oh, and the bag itself is worth $10.

After rolling ourselves out of The Brooklyn Local event, we stopped by the Brooklyn Academy of Music, or BAM.

One of our favorite singers, Alice Smith, was playing at the BAM Fisher block party to celebrate the opening of, what else, the BAM Fisher building.

Good times! How was your weekend?

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