Monday, January 21, 2013

Prosciutto Wrapped Apples

We are still entertaining, right?  Just because the new year's here doesn't mean we can't have our family and friends over for brunch and a good time. Because I really need a reason to bust out with this odd, it's-so-wrong-it-has-to-be-right meat and fruit combination.

Now.  Do not let my words fool you.  I did not have a brunch event.  I did not have people over for any reason at all.  In actuality, I was scouring my refrigerator for something to eat and I saw some freshly sliced prosciutto along with a green apple.  I wanted both and proceeded to wrap one in the other, finished the packages off with some balsamic glaze, and called it a day.  Then I sat on my bum, all alone, and started eating.

I don't feel bad about this.  In fact, I feel pretty good.  This meal (snack?) has got protein.  It's got fruit. And in terms of preparation, it's really just an assemblage situation.  So yeah, I'm down with that.

Now let's get to work...

Prosciutto Wrapped Apples 
makes 8 bites

  • 8 slices prosciutto
  • 1 whole apple
  • balsamic glaze (you can make this from scratch using balsamic vinegar or you can buy the glaze pre-made (I like Trader's Joe's balsamic glaze))

1) Peel and core the apple.  Slice into 8 wedges.

2) Wrap a prosciutto slice around each apple wedge.  Use a toothpick to secure the prosciutto.

3) Right before serving, drizzle as much or as little of the balsamic glaze over the prosciutto and apples.

Note that you can also "double" this recipe by wrapping half a slice of prosciutto around half a wedge of apple.  This will obviously give you smaller appetizers, if you're into that.

I was into this.  I love a good salty-sweet combo and this does not disappoint.

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