Thursday, April 25, 2013

Livin' the Life: 4/25/2013

Remember when I started this little series called Livin' the Life?  Well, as you can tell, I may have dropped the ball on this little gem.  Actually, I didn't drop the ball, I threw it out of the park if you want to know the truth.

After a short search, I searched and realized the last time I wrote one of these posts was end of October 2012.  You know, approximately 6 months ago.  Like, pre-Sandy.  That just won't do.  Let's fix this and fix this good.  I have tons of new photos for ya, so here it go!

I have a new love, and its name is TJ's Roasted Coconut Chips

Speaking of love, I love me some Miss Alice Smith.  Her new album "She" is out now. Go get you some!

My mom came to visit.  We watched a lyra performance.
My first class is next week.  Pics to come.

After 6 years, I moved apartments in Hoboken.  I've already mentioned this in previous blog posts.
It was so sad to see my photos taken down off the wall after all that time.

I'm currently obsessed with starburst mirrors.
I found this one on my umpteenth trip to Home Depot to purchase boxes.

I also needed dishware, which was in abundance at Fishs Eddy.  Completely in love with that store.

While packing, I came across this.  Old school, wha???

 I miss this little bugger.  She's got some feline stalking moves that may be unmatched.

 New living room.  There may be updated pics once I'm done decorating...
If I'm ever done decorating.  What a process.

View from the window above my new desk.

Trying to determine a bathroom color scheme.  So many options...

 When having to work in the middle of the moving process, sometimes this is breakfast.

Organizing powdered sugar, flour, sugar, and brown sugar.
Don't look at the shelf below.  We haven't made it that far yet.

Havana is a cute Cuban restaurant across the street from me.  They have a nice fireplace as well which, when reflected in their picture windows, makes it look as if the Fiat outside is on fire.

Well, this basically represents my life.

I'm comin' atcha soon with an egg-y recipe!


  1. Haven't tried the roasted coconut chips but they sound amazing. I'm going to Trader Joes this weekend to pick up a bag!

    1. I love those chips! I don't purchase them anymore because I can't control myself and I eat the entire bag in one sitting.