Monday, May 7, 2012

Warm Weather Recipes

Today, I'd like to celebrate Spring.  Thank you for showing up. Hopefully you will stick around.  When you're here, that means it's time to make countless trips to the local farmer's market. It's time for fresh fruits and vegetables.  It's time for infused vodkas.  It's time for quiches and frozen yogurt.  I think you're getting the picture.

So in your honor, Spring,  I'm posting my favorite warm weather recipes.  And also, it's nice to revisit old recipes and remember why they were stellar the first time around. must start somewhere.  And if that somewhere happens to be with strawberries and vodka, so be it.  Strawberry Infused Vodka

An avocado toast situation came up unexpectedly one day when I was simply looking for a snack.  It turned out to be one of the best situations to stumble upon.

One of my favorite discoveries last year was the amazing-ness of fresh corn.  I adapted Tracy Shutterbean's fresh corn recipe and ended up with scalloped corn with bacon.  Proof that everything's better with bacon.

If you're looking for a main dish, try a pea and goat cheese risotto.  Peas. Goat Cheese. Risotto.  Run to the kitchen to make this one!

When it starts to get warmer, I find myself looking for light and refreshing seafood dishes.  I mean, you could smother seafood in creamy sauces and I would not hold it against you.  But this dish is not that.  This would be a mussels in white wine sauce dish.  Great for a relaxing brunch or dinner.

What could be easier than whipping up a quiche? Simple, quick, and full of green vegetables, this asparagus spinach quiche has a special place in my heart.

In a similar fashion, this blue cheese and red potatoes tart is the jam!  Consider this one of my top 10 favorite recipes on this blog.  Blue cheese, potatoes, and pie crust.  Nothing could go wrong.  Nothing.

To wind down, let's get our dessert on.  Have you tried goat cheese frozen yogurt yet?

You know I couldn't let this post happen without mentioning the recipe that has gone viral on Pinterest, right?  I'm talking about these Blue Moon Cupcakes.  This summer I think I'll just have to come up with another version of these cupcakes, since they seem to be so popular!

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