Monday, October 29, 2012

Livin' the Life: 10/29/2012

Sandy's coming!

For those of you who may be living under a rock, Sandy would be that big hurricane coming toward us.  Well, technically it's not a big hurricane (it's a Category 1 out of 5), but it's big enough that NYC and NJ are freaking out and shutting ish down with a vengeance.  It took me over an hour to find a parking garage with an available spot in Hoboken today.  Let's not talk about it.

Let's discuss the awesome weekend I had in Philly.  I spent a few days visiting friends in the area and then went to a beautiful Citizen Cope show at the Electric Factory.

 View from my hotel room at night.

It was a Gangnam Style Halloween

 Let's do it

Our hosts for the weekend

Lots of cool sculptures in Philly.  Not sure what this represents, but there's
a terrarium inside! (See pic below.)

So unexpected!

The Bahamian flag is reppin' in Philly!

 Cloudy day.  Found a Ben Franklin scultpure on the way to brunch.

I wish I could take everyone to this place. Disgustingly delicious.
I'll do a review post later this week...

One of our friends received the "Grandma" mug at Sabrina's.

Old buildings.  I love history.

Philadelphia's LOVE sign.  There were 8 of us and we took a picture spelling out the letters.
I don't happen to have a copy of it yet, but trust me when I say that this made us cool.

We channeled our (not-so-inner) inner child as we played with larger-than-life
dominoes, chess pieces, and Sorry tokens.

City Hall

 Citizen Cope and his band played at the Electric Factory on Saturday night.
First time at that particular venue.  Great acoustics.

Cope and his Martin at the soundcheck party

My friend Katie and I always pick up new and interesting friends at Cope shows.
Our table grew from just the two of us to eight people by the end of the night.  
One Love.

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